Essential items you will need after pool handover

It’s exciting to plan your pool. It’s interesting to watch it come together as we dig, frame and pour. Handover day is met with anticipation. But, what do you need on hand after that to ensure your pool stays crystal clear and clean?

The essentials include:

1. Pool chemicals

We will give you some starter gear but you will need to stock up on some core essentials when it comes to pool chemicals. The amounts you need will be guided by your local pool shop who can test and balance your water based on your individual conditions. No two pool waters tend to be the same so they all need their own cocktail of mix to keep it pristine.

2. Pool cleaners

Sure the skimmer and brush are included in your handover pack, but you’ll probably get pretty sick of keeping your pool clean with those tools alone. There is a huge range of cleaners on the market from automated to robotic and they vary in brand, price, quality and features. Take your time weighing up the options to ensure you pick a solution that not only suits your lifestyle but that will last the test of time. The last thing you want to do is replace your cleaner every year or two. If you can afford it, invest in good quality the first time. You’ll be glad you did. As always, we are here if you need assistance and can offer a range of solutions as part of your handover package.

3. Pool toys

They are essential aren’t they?! It wouldn’t be right not to treat yourself to a range of inflatable pool toys now would it? Whether you are planning to float around for hours or challenge someone to a game or two there is tonnes of fun to be had. Don’t expect your pool floaties to last more than a season – the key to economy here is making sure you get as much pool time as possible so they get their use in! You can also try storing them out of the water and direct UV rays which will extend the life of the plastic.

Stay safe and enjoy your pool!