Designing the ideal lap pool – Gold Coast

As Gold Coast and Brisbane lots become smaller and more narrow home owners who are serious about health and fitness are dedicating valuable yard space to lap pools. This easily becomes the focal point for the property and integration into living zones is essential not only to ensure it is used more frequently but it can create a good return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Lap pools have conceptually been around since the ancient Greek and Roman days and have morphed over the centuries to create a lifestyle we know and love in todays modern real estate.

Key aspects to think about when planning your lap pool include:

  • When will you use the pool most often? Morning, afternoon, evening, all the time? The location of your pool compared to where the sun rises and falls can make a huge impact on the comfort of using your pool throughout the year.
  • If you can’t position the pool where you’d ideally like it, consider how your alfresco will connect to your pool. Building shaded and sunny zones can help heat the pool and create comfortable swimming conditions throughout the day.
  • If you are using your lap pool to swim laps, consider how you will enter the water. Would a stepped zone be more comfortable to enter and exit the water? Consider a side niche or cutout to allow easier access.
  • Have you thought about a spa to increase the usability of your pool zone?
  • What water temperature will suit you best? Should you factor in heating, pool covers/blankets or an added sun exposure location?
  • How will your pool integrate into your living zones? If you are building a two level home which rooms will benefit from the vista?

The more thought and planning you put into your lap pool prior to building the happier you will be with the end result. The team at L&V Pools have many decades of know-how and experience – we encourage you to ask questions in order to achieve the perfect pool. Contact us for a quote today.