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Pool Restoration & Renovation

Pebblecrete Resurfacing

At L&V Pools we pride ourselves on offering a full range of swimming pool solutions from new pool construction, to re-pebbling existing surfaces through to maintenance and consumable supplies. We are your one stop shop with decades of experience so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Pool Surface Restoration

Regardless of whether your swimming pool is broken, rundown or in disrepair or you simply want a fresh, modern look and finish the team at L&V Pools can help.

As the years and decades fly past your pool can easily date from the shell finish and coping to the filtration equipment and water features.

Breathe new life into your pool area, increase your property value, reduce running costs and bring your friends and family together in your own backyard! Add feature lighting, automation systems, heating and more!

Concrete Pool Resurfacing

If your pool’s surface is damaged, stained, or deteriorating, we can resurface it to give it a fresh and new appearance. The toughest part is deciding between the natural elegance of pebble, the sleekness of quartz-based solutions, or the timeless beauty of tiles. (Don’t worry, we can help guide you through these big decisions!)

Equipment Replacement

Each year technology steps up another level offering an even more extensive world of product features. By upgrading your equipment you can increase running efficiency and economy, add more automation and embrace eco-friendly solutions. From pumps, filters, heaters, lighting and automation systems we’ve got you covered.

Stain Removal

Unsightly stains can detract the beauty of your pool, compromising its aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, with effective swimming pool stain removal techniques, you can restore the brilliance of your pool’s surface. Whether it’s a minor, modest or major stain, we can discuss your options and quote to treat.

Revive the beauty of your swimming pool with a professional resurface

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Winter is a great time for pool stain removal

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How to reduce the risk of concrete pool stains

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Concrete Pool Stain Removal FAQ

Q: What are the common causes of pool stains? A: Pool stains can be caused by mineral deposits, organic matter, or metals. Mineral stains are ...

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