Winter is a great time for pool stain removal

Winter can be the perfect time for pool stain removal for several reasons:

1. Reduced Pool Usage: During the winter months, many pool owners tend to reduce or halt pool usage due to frosty weather conditions (yes – even on the Gold Coast haha!). This reduced activity provides an opportunity to address any pool stains without disrupting regular swimming routines.

2. Lower Chemical Demand: In cooler climates, pool water chemistry tends to be more stable as the pool requires less chlorine and other chemicals to run. This stability makes it easier to control the chemical balance necessary for effective stain removal.

3. Slower Algae and Bacterial Growth: Algae and bacteria growth is typically slower during winter, minimising the likelihood of new stains developing during the stain removal process. This allows for a more targeted approach in treating existing stains without having to combat new ones simultaneously.

4. Increased Visibility: Aside from less people splashing around in the actual water, winter often brings clearer skies and less leaf debris, which can improve visibility and allow for better assessment and identification of pool stains. This enhanced visibility not only helps owners identify staining, but it also enables more precise stain treatment with a more thorough removal process.

5. Availability of Pool Professionals: Best of all, you don’t have to line up for weeks waiting for one of our friendly team members to pop by and complete the work. We are marginally quieter during the cooler months (well… month?!) and can often get out to see clients quicker.

We offer pool stain removal all year long but winter is definitely a great time to get it “out of the way” so that when warmer weather returns you are all set to swim.

Discuss your options with one of our friendly team members on 07 5573 7677 or request an obligation free quote.

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