Why a home swimming pool is good for your health

At L&V Pools we are one of the leading pool builders on the Gold Coast. Our focus is delivering exceptional customer service paired with over 3 decades of experience when it comes to concrete pool construction. While swimming pools are a luxury inclusion in any home it is also a practical and healthy decision. One that will keep rewarding your body and soul for years to follow.

When it comes to home swimming pools, they present some great health benefits right at your finger tips.

Healthy mind

Swimming can be a calming, joyful or exciting depending what you feel and need on any given day. Whether you are reducing stress, getting fit or spending time with family and friends it provides the perfect atmosphere.

Get fit

Any form of fitness releases endorphins that naturally make you happier. If you are sick of running and going to the gym, a swim could be the perfect alternative and a high level calorie burner. There’s no better full body workout!


A pool brings people together. It’s like a magnet in your own backyard. Whether it’s calling to family, friends, neighbours – it has a way of connecting and uniting people together. Enjoy the time and break from life it offers. Kick back and enjoy!

Builds bone mass

Running may outdo the increase in bone mass, swimming has shown benefits also with less impact on the body.

Maintain flexibility

When you swim you reach, stretch, twist and move keeping your body flexible and limber.

Great for children

Research indicates that children who have swimming in their lives have increased confidence, fine motor skills, better language development and boosts physical development.


Who can argue with facts like these? It’s time to quote your swimming pool so you can start reaping the benefits as well.