The best plants for around your swimming pool

Wondering what to plant alongside your pool to create an oasis, offer shade and complete the landscaped vista that will be your escape? Here are a few suggestions that will withstand the pool water and offer a practical solution with minimal fallout from leaves and debris.

  1. Cannas
  2. Palm trees
  3. Mauritius Hemp
  4. Yukkas
  5. Cordylines
  6. Hibiscus (evergreen varieties won’t drop as many leaves)
  7. Agaves

When selecting what to plant around your pool consider the goals you have for the area.

  • Do you need to screen out neighbours?
  • Is there enough space for new plants to grow and spread in the area you are giving them?
  • Do you want added shade?
  • Are there views you’d like to maintain and reduce blocking out with plants?
  • What sort of colours would you like to include? While flowers are notorious for dropping off and causing added maintenance, many plants offer coloured foliage and can offer a good alternative.
  • Tiered gardens can often give you more freedom on what to plant with the ability to offer a greater distance for more temperamental and high-shedding plants to create a backdrop rather than being front and centre.

Working out a rough landscaping plan at the same time you plan your pool can give you more choices once it’s built.