Popular pool trends – 2019

Every year we see different trends come and go – much like home decorating it changes by the season. These are the top trends currently popular on the pool building market:

  1. Pools that transition from indoors to outdoors – with compact residential blocks and the extreme summer sun the latest innovation is pushing part of the pool under an alfresco or sheltered zone where it is protected from the elements. Of course some take it to the extremes and build the pool into part of their house. Here is some visual inspiration for you (thank you Pinterest).
  2. Smart automated pool cleaning – time is of the essence in a busy world, automation is key.
  3. Lounge ledges, bench seating, extensive pool steps – tapping into inspiration from the best tropical resorts from around the world the Queensland residential market has seen an increase for large, extensive ledges/steps/benches in pools. Great for relaxing, tanning or enjoying poolside beverages and appealing for smaller children offering a wading zone. (Click here to be inspired.)
  4. Water features continue their popularity but are elevated via smart controls from mobile phone app operation. Turn on your water feature before you return home and save energy while you are out.
  5. Glass pool edging – this takes infinity edge to another level by offering a portion or an entire side of the exposed pool structure as glass. At least part of the pool must be above-ground to achieve this effect. (Click here to be inspired.)
  6. Decorative tiles and fully tiled pools – taking the waterline 300mm tile edge to the next level with super decorative tiling or full pool tiling.

We know – picking your pool design and finish just become infinitely harder. Sorry!