Ultimate guide to swimming pool chemicals

It’s easy enough to capture a dose of pool water to test the levels, however it can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding the ...
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Designer Pool Build Paradise Point QLD

The team recently completed a cutting edge, designer pool build project at Paradise Point QLD which is the centrepiece feature to the inner alfresco space. ...
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How to reduce the risk of concrete pool stains

While effective stain removal methods are available, prevention is always better than cure! Here are some preventive measures to minimise pool stains: Maintain proper water ...
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Concrete Pool Stain Removal FAQ

Q: What are the common causes of pool stains? A: Pool stains can be caused by mineral deposits, organic matter, or metals. Mineral stains are ...
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L&V Pools Expand to offer Pool Servicing, Consumables and Supplies

It is with great excitement we can announce L&V Pools have now expanded to offer pool services, cleaning and maintenance packages along with a fully ...
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Stain removal services – Gold Coast

If you’re looking for pool stain removal services on the Gold Coast, Australia, L&V Pools are the clear choice due to their long standing reputation ...
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