How to extend your swimming season on the Gold Coast

We are certainly lucky when it comes to climate on the Gold Coast but let’s be honest, we are all acclimatised which means as the temperature drops just a little, the water gets a slight nip to it, you find yourself using it less and less.

Summer doesn’t have to be the end of your swimming season. There are plenty of options to extend your season well into autumn, and even through winter for those braver water lovers. Each option comes with pros and cons and of course, budget will play a role as well. Here’s the line-up to review.

Without any pool heating swimming pools typically hover between 18 – 20 degrees.

Solar Pool Heating


  • Cost effective
  • Lower operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Can work with your filtration system
  • Cater to pools of any size


  • Needs adequate roof spacing with ample sun exposure
  • Heat levels are weather dependent (and only work during the day)
  • Can take a little while to reach the desired temperature

Gas Pool Heaters


  • Work best with smaller pools
  • Fast to heat the water to the desired temperature
  • Economical to purchase the gas heating unit
  • Suitable in any weather and works day and night


  • More expensive to run
  • Limited lifespan (usually 3-5 years depending on the quality of the system)

Electric Pool Heaters


  • Low operational costs
  • Extensive lifespan as long as you invest in a quality brand
  • Efficient to run while the weather is warmer


  • Can be expensive to invest in the unit
  • Relies on warmer air to run so it’s less effective during cooler weather
  • Less likely to extend the swimming season
  • Slower to heat the pool than gas heating

With any system you choose it is a good idea to also invest in a pool blanket. A good quality pool blanket alone can boost the water temperature by a degree or two. When paired with a pool heating system it works harder and helps avoid heat loss overnight and during poor weather.

When planning your pool it’s a great idea to factor in the heating options so you can cater for them early. If you’ve missed that boat, don’t worry – it’s never too late!

At L&V Pools we have extensive experience when it comes to the best pool heating solutions to use. Speak to one of our friendly team, we’d love to help you out.