Calcium Pool Stain Prevention and Removal Tips

When it comes to pool maintenance keeping on top of calcium build-up is important. Calcium is one of the most difficult things to remove and can easily leave a stain. Here are a few tips to try and combat this ongoing issue.

  1. Brush the walls and floor of your pool monthly – this helps disturb any build-ups.
  2. Regularly use automatic cleaners – this can also help prevent calcium from attaching to the pool surface.
  3. Keep your pool water pH level at 7.2. Hydrochloric acid reduces the pH level of your water – add a small amount regularly to control pH.
  4. Keep the calcium (water hardness) of your pool water at around 200-250ppm.
  5. Your pool Free Chlorine (FC) level should be around the 2ppm mark. Lower levels will slow calcium production. For higher FC levels, slightly reduce the salt chlorinator output until you gain consistent levels.
  6. Ask your local pool shop to recommend a quality calcium treatment – using it every 6 months can also control calcium spots and build-up.

A well maintained pool not only looks better but it is also more economical to run.